How my first Garbage concert taught me that doing things is more fun than not doing things

Garbage Toronto Show ticket stub

“What’s the band you said you liked, ‘Trash’?”
“It’s Garbage.” (we both laugh)
“Garbage! Oh, that’s right. I knew it was something like that.”

Twas a super cute exchange between myself and my friend’s mom last summer just a couple of months before she passed away. I told her the story months earlier about the first concert I saw all by myself when I was a teen. She enjoyed the tale, so I figured it’s share-worthy here too. Read more

Are we still talking about Prince?

Are we still talking about Prince? Is that cool? May I? He was the first person I had all over my bedroom wall. I was 4. I convinced my dad to paint my room purple when I was 5. My mom saw him on the Purple Rain tour and I begged her to take me. She said I was too young. I held that grudge until I finally saw him 20 years later. I’ve never been so excited for a concert in my life. Read more