8 Best Reasons Why You Should Visit Egypt Now:
I went to Egypt in 2017. It’s your turn to go. Drop your scary newspaper and tick this historic country off your bucket list.

The Power of the Open Mic:
If you want to get good at your craft, you have to practice. What you see on polished TV stand-up specials began in a dark club. Interviews with the late Jo-Anna Downey (comedian), and K. Trevor Wilson (comedian):

To Leave or Not to Leave… Said the Canadian Comic:
The struggle is real. At some point every Canadian comedian decides whether now or never is a good time to head south across the border. Interviews with Colin Mochrie (comedian), Aaron Berg (comedian), Tim Dorsch (comedian):

The Road to Just For Laughs:
A look at the process (and importance) of landing a spot at the comedy industry’s most important yearly festival. Interviews with Gary Rideout Jr (owner of Comedy Bar), Zoe Randall (Just For Laughs scout) and Eric Andrews (comedian):

The Trouble with Hecklers:
The thorn in every comedian’s side. How comedians handle them and what they really think of those who choose to make themselves an unwanted part of the show. Interviews with Bob Banks (comedian) Larry Horowitz (comedian):

Bad Dog Walks Away From Danforth:
Covering Bad Dog Theatre’s final show at their space on the Danforth in 2011.
http://www.torontoobserver.ca/2011/03/02/bad-dog-walks-away-from-danforth/ (Online)
Final curtain call for Danforth theatre (Print version w/photo)

Standing on the Danforth’s 7th Anniversary:
Announcing the upcoming show for the 7th Anniversary of Standing on the Danforth at Eton House. Interviews with the late Jo-Anna Downey (comedian), Tyler Morrison (comedian) and Hunter Collins (comedian).
Have Some Laughs At Eton House (print version)

Photographer Marcus Brunnmeier:
Profile/Interview with the photographer at his first exhibit, Wilderness of Colour
Photographer Marcus Brunnmeier
 (print version w/photo)

Brewing on a Budget:
Tips for college students (and anyone on a budget) on how to make specialty coffee at home for a fraction of the price.

Where to Go and How to Get There:
Alternate routes on how to get to Centennial College’s different campuses, for when the subway inevitably breaks down.

Learn How to Deal With Stress and Anxiety Calmly This Semester:
Techniques and advice from a professional on how to deal with the stress that comes with managing work and school.

10 Delicious Meals to Cook for New Parents:
CanadianFamily.ca feature

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Everyone Else:
CanadianFamily.ca feature

2013 Holiday Guide: Gifts for Kids Ages 3-5:
CanadianFamily.ca feature

2013 Holiday Guide: Gifts for Ages 0-2:
CanadianFamily.ca feature

10 Natural Beauty Buys for Moms-To-Be:
CanadianFamily.ca feature

10 Great Canadian Baby Girl Names:
CanadianFamily.ca feature



Legion staffer remembers more than wartime:
Getting to know the bartender at a local legion hall, who’s served drinks to Canadian war veterans for over 30 years.

Photo Gallery from Jack Layton funeral/chalk memorial:

Bowling for Dollars and Pediatrics:
Charity bowling event for Toronto East General Hospital

Cosburn Ave. apartment fire update:
An update on the status of an apartment building that sustained extensive fire damage in East York.
Apartment residents remain displaced two weeks after fire

Pottery Road Update:
Will Pottery Road ever reopen? The question many Torontonians were wondering in 2011.
Retaining Wall Woes Plague Pottery Road




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