My NYC To-Do List

Since I (what for some reason some say was brave) first ventured into the Big Apple on my own at the age of 18, I have since been back to my favourite city eight times. While I have never actually written an NYC to-do list, the one that lingers in my head (with new things being added to it as I go along) has shrunk over the years. I’ll keep this up as a reminder of things still to do and what’s been done. There is a vibe in New York that I’ve always found quite addictive and I officially refer to it as “my happy place.” Read more

Don’t wait for Toronto’s own High Line – Just go to Manhattan

The Toronto Powers That Be murmured and grumbled again yesterday on whether or not the soon-to-be-defunct TTC Scarborough RT should be made into a park similar to the popular High Line in New York City. Nothing is set in stone, and as with everything in Toronto even if it were set in stone, it’s unlikely anyone would see it until sometime in 2215 at the earliest anyway (not an actual fact, but a fair prediction). Read more