That time I created the Internet’s first Robert Downey Jr website (really)

Robert Downey Jr just got pardoned. On Christmas Eve of all days. This story strikes a special, albeit somewhat bizarre, chord with me. I originally posted this on Facebook when the news broke as I was suddenly in the mood to share this tale as I don’t really bring it up much anymore…

Once upon a time when I was in high school, I saw an actor I had always liked who was now struggling and getting nothing but negative publicity. He effed up every other week it seemed. He was a mess. The Internet back then was very small. Dial-up modems were a thing. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist. When doing a search on this guy, there were no bios, interviews or fun backstories to be found. Just article after article about his current troubles and oh what a terrible person he was. Read more

I forgot how much I missed Lush

About 10 years ago I discovered Lushย Cosmetics. A lot of people surprisingly still don’t know what Lush is. As packed as a Lush store can be, most people I know have never been in one.

It’s soap. And face stuff. And hair stuff. It’s natural. It’s funky. The marketing is minimal and yet a stroke of genius. And once you’re hooked, it is oh-so-addictive. Read more

7 Times Michael C. Hall Sang and Killed It

Michael C. Hall is a pretty talented dude. From the nervous, rigid and quite sensitive funeral director, David, on Six Feet Under, to the calculating, emotionally-detached and socially awkward lab geek by day, serial killer by night, Dexter Morgan, on Dexter, Hall’s range on the small screen and seamless ability to disappear into a completely different role is remarkable.

However, if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him in action on stage, you haven’t seen him in his true element. Read more