Hey, I’m Leslie. I currently work freelance as a writer, web designer/content editor and in television production. I’m Canadian. We do a bit of everything. I recently rediscovered why travelling is the best medicine available and must do more of it – immediately.

I went to school for Journalism and spent my early 20s immersed in improv and stand-up comedy. To this day, I have yet to experience a greater high than making a crowd full of strangers laugh. Even though I haven’t stepped on a stage in years, I am a comedy nerd for life. Interviewing numerous comedians for several projects was without question my favourite part of j-school. I heart you comedians, I truly do.

An ’80s and ’90s pop culture nerd, always. Haim will always be my favourite Corey, I’ll forever have a soft spot for Lydia Deetz, and I still not-so-secretly wish John McClane had just let Hans Gruber go.

This blog is still a work in progress as I took a break from having my own site for, well, a very long time. But thanks for visiting anyway…

In the meantime…
I tweet here: @uhleslie

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