Hey, I’m Leslie. Born and raised in Toronto Canada (don’t hold that against me), I took my first solo trip many moons ago to NYC for the week of my 19th birthday and it changed my life. I spent 6 weeks in California when I was 21 when I was only supposed to stay for a week. After an embarrassingly long travel hiatus, I have spent the last two years rediscovering my long lost addiction. I’ve ventured to Egypt, Iceland (twice!), Cuba, and England, in addition to frequent returns to my first travel crush: NYC. Overall, I’ve been to NYC 11 times. I enjoy revisiting the places I really love and getting to know them better, but there is no greater thrill than exploring somewhere new.

My very early claim to Internet fame was a trillion years ago when I was quoted in a Newsweek cover story for a popularΒ fan website I ran as a teen. I love bringing up this fact at parties, because it is so utterly random and absurd.

I used this self-taught skill to create other websites and eventually started to find work as a freelance web designer for the next 10+ years, while also working in television (which was/is a lot more enjoyable), and studying Journalism (also more enjoyable). Needless to say, I coded myself out. I’ll be ecstatic if I never have to code a site from scratch ever again.

This blog is still a work in progress as I took a break from having my own internet space for, well, a very long time. But thanks for visiting anyway!…

In the meantime…
I snap pics here: @lalaleslie51

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