Chris Cornell: A classic rock star in modern times

I figured Chris Cornell would be making music into his 70s. He was one of the few to make it out of the 90s alternative rock scene in one coherent piece. He was still creating new music. Β  Look him up on YouTube – The man didn’t stop. He sounded great. He looked great. He was a family man. I genuinely didn’t expect to wake up to this news anytime this decade.

Now here we are again. Saying good-bye to yet another influential musician too young, too soon.

Chris Cornell… You were ridiculously talented, soulful, and oh-so-easy-on-the-eyes. The quintessential rock star whose distinct voice echoed in the background of every angsty teenager’s life in the ’90s. You made it all look so easy. I can’t imagine, “Chris Cornell the Chartered Accountant.” You were one of the rare who was doing exactly what they were made to be doing. I can’t fathom my teen years without your music lingering throughout them. Waking up this morning to an endless stream of Soundgarden on the radio and dreading the worst, was not what I was expecting at all today. It is such a huge loss to an industry that is rapidly shrinking and to a generation too accustomed to losing its music icons way too young.
Rest peacefully you tremendously talented man. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.



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