I forgot how much I missed Lush

About 10 years ago I discovered Lush Cosmetics. A lot of people surprisingly still don’t know what Lush is. As packed as a Lush store can be, most people I know have never been in one.

It’s soap. And face stuff. And hair stuff. It’s natural. It’s funky. The marketing is minimal and yet a stroke of genius. And once you’re hooked, it is oh-so-addictive.

You’ll know if a Lush store is in the area as you can smell it around the block. It can be confusing at first. The soaps look weird and food-like, the shampoo comes in both liquid and solid forms, and what on earth is that wall of scented spheres all about?

Don’t try to figure it out on your own. A sales associate will be there to explain pretty much everything to you, allow you to try anything you want out and, if you’re still unsure, samples are always available to try at home. If you’re like me and not as into the, “let’s ask someone about this” thing, everything you could possibly know about each product is on their website. After a few years of trying almost everything they had to offer at the time, I found myself more knowledgeable than new staff when I entered a store and remembered products they had never heard of.

That’s the thing about Lush that makes it both a frustrating, yet addictive company. They discontinue products quite frequently and introduce new items just as fast. The dreaded Cut List has seen many of my fave items over the years go. Banana Moon, Afterlife, Hybrid, to name a few. These words mean nothing to Lush newbies, but I mourn the loss to this day.

Despite this, Lush is still a store I can’t resist. Like any addict, I must buy things upon entry. I have never successfully walked into a Lush and walked out product-free. I just can’t do it. When I was in NYC, I made it a thing on my to-do list to track down at least one Lush store, to see how it holds up (note: it was pretty much the exact same as a Canadian Lush! I bought a lip scrub).

It had been a while since I dared enter into my favourite store. But today is Boxing Day in Canada. The day we all go crazy for deals and do our real Christmas shopping. I got to Lush first thing in the morning and utilized their Buy One Get One promo. Like I said, it had been a while since I ventured into a Lush store. I bought the holiday Bûche de Noël face wash and Cranberry Fresh Face Mask. I used them immediately when I got home and… Good lord. I’m pretty sure I took at least 5 years off my face. I forgot how glowing and yummy smelling Lush stuff makes you, oh skin of mine… I’m sorry I neglected you for so long. I’m talking to you Lush, and yeah I guess my skin too.