Yes Earth, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

Die Hard - It's A Christmas movieIs the Earth actually debating if Die Hard is a Christmas movie or not?

It’s a Christmas movie, guys. Chill out.

The entire film takes place on Christmas Eve, at a Christmas party gone terribly wrong, involving a man who just wants to reconnect with his wife and family and is willing to take down Alan Rickman and Alexander Godunov to do so.

To compare it to older and modern-day “classics”…

A Christmas Carol 1951A Christmas Carol is about a grumpy old dude who has some funky ghosts educate him on what a grump he is and how his grumpiness is going to send him to an early grave. All this conveniently happens on Christmas Eve too, just like John McClane’s perils.


Home Alone Home Alone is about a bratty kid who gets left behind by his yuppy self-involved parents and has to fend for himself against two bumbling buffoons that want his parents sweet merchandise. All this conveniently happens at Christmas too!

These unlucky souls.

Are any of these movies actually “about” Christmas? Ehhh. But they take place at Christmas, we all watch them at Christmas, and that’s good enough for me.

I could go on, but it’s Christmas and I’d like to watch some of these holiday classics now.

Carry on, Interwebz