That time I discovered my favourite band

It was sometime at the end of May or beginning of June 1995 that I caught a video of some song called Waydown by some band named Catherine Wheel on MuchMusic (back in those crazy days when music videos were played on TV). I was floored. Little did I know the huge impact they’d have on my shy, angsty adolescent self in the years to come. Sadness that the Toronto radio station that once gave them the most airplay, has not even one song of theirs anymore the last time I checked. Pfft.

“I Want To Touch You” still probably one of my favourite songs ever:

A live version circa 1993:

And while we’re here, Rob Dickinson’s acoustic solo rendition. Also, one of my favourite things ever:


More will be posted about this incredible band in the future, because the Internet is severely lacking in its Catherine Wheel content.