Bored in Toronto? Be a kid’s tour guide for a day

Last week, I decided to show my nephew around downtown Toronto for the first time. He just turned 10. He lives in suburbia (not Etobicoke – the real suburbs you need to take theΒ GO Train to get to). When I asked him what he does when he comes to Toronto with his family, his response was, “Jays games. Pick my dad up from work. Pick you up.” Needless to say, my ideas for the day were wide open. Read more

Remembering Jo-Anna Downey

Jo-Anna Downey was the heart of the Toronto comedy scene and gave so many comedians their start. She was this wonderful blend of sassy and kind that made it impossible to dislike her. I interviewed her several times while at j-school (that’s what us cool kids called journalism school) in 2011 and she was not only generous with her time (and free beer), but so easy and open to chat with. She made you feel like a long lost pal within minutes of meeting her.

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Stephen Colbert and the New Age of Television

So, apparently Stephen Colbert and his Late Show crew aren’t measuring up in the land of social media. It’s 2016, so this is a thing now to take into consideration when running a TV show, along with all the other trillions of things that need to go right… I guess?

Is this why anyone bothers watching TV now? So we can all get recognized for doing so? Read more